Woody Wax Ultra Gloss Fiberglass Restoring Compound 16 oz

  • Designed specifically for fiberglass and gelcoat
  • Contains oxidation removing components that break down oxidation as soon as it is applied.
  • Contains a diminishing abrasive that gets finer as you polish, leaving a super high gloss finish. High gloss finish in 1 step!
  • Contains lubricants that reduce friction and heat, while aiding in the ease of application. These lubricants allow for use by hand or a high speed buffer without fear of damaging your finish.
  • Contains waxes that penetrate into your gelcoat bringing out the original color and protecting your finish so you don't immediately have to apply a coat of wax on your new finish as you would with other compounds.
  • Ultra-gloss with its diminishing abrasive allows you to complete all the steps necessary to bring badly oxidized or dull fiberglass up to a high gloss finish in just one step.