Starbrite StarTron Gasoline Additive 16 oz

SKU SBC93016
StarTron? is the world?s first fuel treatment to be based on naturally occurring enzymes. Functioning as biocatalysts, enzymes increase and control the rate of chemical reactions. Startron? uses highly specialized enzymes to modify how gasoline and diesel fuel burns, the end result being more complete and uniform combustion. This same enzyme package cleans the fuel delivery system and combustion chambers, stabilizes fuel chemistry and reduces engine emissions.

StarTron? Gasoline Additive
  • Reduces all emissions
  • Prevents fuel oxidation and stabilizes fuel chemistry(for at least 1 year for gasoline).
  • Lowers fuel system maintenance
  • Eliminates carbon build-up in fuel delivery system and on exhaust components
  • Treats up to 256 Gallons