Ronstan Series 30 Ball Bearing Block - Single - Loop Top [RF30101]

by Ronstan
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Series 30 Ball Bearing Block - Single - Loop Top


  • Low friction 2-stage ball bearing system provides consistent performance over the full working load range
  • High static and dynamic load capacity
  • Light weight
  • Versatile head fittings
  • Sheaves running on Acetal or Torlon® ball bearings provide high performance & low friction
  • Can be fitted with a shackle in either of two planes to allow correct alignment of the block

  • Primary lead blocks on dinghies and catamarans
  • Control lines on larger yachts

  • U.V. stabilized Acetal sheaves
  • Acetal ball bearings
  • Impact modified, fiber reinforced and U.V. stabilized Nylon cheeks
  • Grade 316 stainless steel load straps and head fittings

Sheave Ø:t30mm(1-3/16")
Max. Rope Ø:t8mm(5/16")
B. L.:t750kg(1,650lbs)