TACO ShadeFin Mini Swivel Seat Mount [T10-4000-13]

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ShadeFin Mini Swivel Seat Mount

Easily incorporate shade into your boating lifestyle with the ShadeFin Mini Swivel Seat Mount. Available in a kit, the Swivel Seat Mount is also sold separately. This mount is universally designed to fit most boat swivel seats on the market. Simply remove the boat seat from its pedestal, affix the mount on top of the pedestal where all four screw holes are visible, and then reattach the seat, keeping the mount between the seat and the pedestal. The Swivel Seat Mount enables fully adjustable and personalized boat shade for bass boats, skiffs, flats boats, or any boat that utilizes a swivel seat for fishing and fun.

Features and Benefits:

  • Constructed out of aluminum-grade 6061 alloys
  • Fits standard 4-screw swivel boat seats
  • Includes an injection-molded nylon cap
  • 3-year limited warranty


  • Finish: Powder coated, misty silver          

Quick Guide (pdf)