Johnson Pump Talulah Ballast Pump Impeller [08-824P-2]

SKU CW-97975

Talulah Ballast Pump Impeller

A worn or damaged impeller can cause system failure or engine breakdown. SPX FLOW's Johnson Pump Marine brand impellers are developed and manufactured for maximum flow and long life. With a genuine spare impeller, you can also be sure that you are getting the quality required by engine manufacturers and professionals.


  • Fitted specifically for the Johnson Pump Talulah Ballast Pump - 13.5 GPM - 12V
  • Ensures the correct cooling flow
  • Stable pressure delivery over time
    1. Significantly longer service life
    2. Excellent self-priming capability
    3. Ensures sufficient cooling directly at startup
    4. Impellers are manufactured to strict tolerances for optimal functionality unique MC97 rubber compound in many of the Johnson Pump impellers
  • Optimized to provide maximum life, especially for applications where the end user doesn’t run the engine on a regular basis 
  • Attributing factors for the maximum life use: Stable pressure delivery over time, minimized failures due to fatigue, and minimized swelling

*Sold as an Individual