Attwood Hydro-Stabilizer f/Outboards Stern Drives - 50 Horsepower Above [9400-7]

SKU CW-98367

Hydro-Stabilizer for Outboards & Stern Drives - 50 horsepower & Above

The Hydro-Stabilizer quickly puts your boat on a plane and helps pull skiers out of the hole faster. The wings also provide a smoother, more stable ride for you and your passengers; designed specifically for 50 HP outboard and stern drive engines.


  • Wings constructed of durable, molded black plastic
  • Includes all needed bolts and lock nuts for installation, in premium stainless steel
  • Out-performs ordinary flat hydrofoils by reducing drag when the hull goes on a plane
  • Effective even at lower RPMs for outboards and stern drives of 50 horsepower and above

Quick Guide (pdf)